VivACAD Drawing Services

VivACAD is a CAD draughting service for individuals and businesses throughout the UK. We specialise in producing Civil, Structural, Geotechnical and creative drawings for engineering consultants, installation companies, home owners, contractors and other construction professionals.

We offer cad solutions for projects such as home renovations, site investigations, new build development and sustainable technology schemes including solar panel installation, rainwater harvesting and other water recycling systems.



VivACAD provides an efficient, affordable, reliable and flexible cad draughting service when you:

Need a cad drawing for a project or occasionally require drawings for your work.
Have fluctuating cad requirements and need extra capacity for short-term increases in your workload.

We help you utilise your resources more effectively by providing:

Individual drawings to support your designs, calculations and reports.
A complete outsourcing service for all your project drawings.
CAD drawings to enhance your presentations.

Please contact us for more information.